Jacob: How God uses disability

Jacob wrestled with God alone the whole night at Peniel as we read in Genesis 32.24-32. Even when the day broke, Jacob was still wrestling. The outcome was that God touched his hip socket and he became disabled. Jacob would remember his being conquered by God with every step he took for the rest of his life.

But God in His great mercy changed his name from Jacob to Israel. 'Israel' means 'a prince with God' - a name greater than that of all the great men of the earth. God was not ashamed to be called 'the God of Israel'. People with disabilities can become princes. Come! Let us also wrestle with God in prevailing prayer until the last person with disability is ushered into His Kingdom. The night is far spent, the day is near!

180 million people with disabilities do not know of the God who wants to call them princes/princesses. Let us arise and proclaim the good news of the Prince of Peace!

No-one is disabled in God’s eyes! Work with Inclusive Worldwide to bring this good news to people who society considers disabled. God has a purpose and high calling for every one of us.


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